Jackson Guitars: Are they Good? Our Full Guide

Jackson guitars guide are they good

Whilst being a fairly big name in the world of guitars Jackson don’t have the same recognition as Fender, Gibson, Ibanez etc. But are Jackson guitars good? They certainly have some famous names endorsing them and are mainly known for metal. That’s where a lot of their popularity amongst guitarists comes from. Let’s take a …

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How Many Frets are there on a Guitar?

how many frets are there on a guitar

A fundamental part of a guitar are its frets. If you’re not sure what the frets on a guitar are they’re actually the the strips of metal along the neck, also known as ‘fretbars’. They are what determines the pitch of the note(s) that is produced when you play the guitar – that is plucking …

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How Many Frets Does a Gibson Les Paul Have?

how many frets does a gibson les paul have

The number of frets and the scale length of your guitar is important. It affects how you play and the feel of the guitar. So how many frets does a Gibson Les Paul have? For the most part the answer is 22 frets. Most Gibson guitars, and also Epiphone guitars, have 22 frets as standard. …

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81 Latest Guitar Industry Statistics (2024)

guitar industry statistics

Looking for the latest guitar industry statistics and trends? We’ve got you covered. The last couple of years has been an fascinating one for the guitar industry. COVID has had a major impact on sales and interest in the guitar and with the continued and rising popularity of guitarists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift …

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21 Amazing Fender Guitar Statistics

fender guitar statistics

Fender are one of the most famous and leading brands in the world of guitars and music in general. As these Fender statistics will demonstrate, they dominate in the guitar industry and are a huge power when it comes to selling guitar gear. Not only that but their history and heritage means they’ve had some …

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What is an F-Hole in Guitars and What do they do?

what is an f-hole in guitars

You may have seen guitars with a shape cut out of their body. That shape usually looks like a fancy letter “f” and is imaginatively called an “f-hole”. But what is an f-hole in a guitar? Simply: it’s a shape that is cut out from the body of the guitar (or other instrument) that affects …

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What is a Chambered Guitar Body

what is a chambered guitar body

The term ‘chambered body’ is used a lot when talking about guitars. But what is a chambered guitar body? And what are the benefits of one? Simply: a chambered guitar body has ‘chambers’ routed in it that act like air pockets to make it lighter. Guitar body’s come in lots of different shapes, sizes and …

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Are Calluses Good for Guitar Playing?

are calluses good for guitar playing

You are probably familiar with guitar calluses – the thick pads of skin on your fingertips. But you may be wondering what it is about them that is so special and why calluses are good for playing the guitar. Every guitarist gets them and they are seen as essential for playing and playing well. But …

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How Long Does it Take to Build Guitar Calluses

how long does it take to build guitar calluses

Building guitar calluses is one of the most important parts of learning to play the guitar. It should happen fairly early in your journey. But if you’re not seeing the results you expect or finding the pain a lot take then keep reading. We’ll look at how long it takes to build guitar calluses on …

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