Zero Fret Guide: What are They and Do You Need One?

guitar zero fret guide

The zero fret is a little bit of an enigma. In some cases reviled and hated, by others adored and considered a technological marvel that makes tuning stability and your tone much better. But they’re a bit odd. You tend to find them either installed in really cheap and poor guitars or the highest quality, …

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What is a Pickguard on a Guitar: A Guide

what is a pickguard on a guitar

You may have noticed that guitars have colored bits of plastic attached to their bodies. They tend to be below the strings and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are pickguards. And they are designed to do as their name says: guard the guitar from picks. When you strum with a …

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What is a Guitar Bridge? A Simple Guide

what is a guitar bridge

Guitar bridges are often talked about as being really important to how a guitar works and sounds. But what is a guitar bridge? You might be able to identify one but do you know exactly what it does? Or why? If not then you’re probably interested to know more about the bridge on a guitar. …

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Can you Fix a Broken Guitar Headstock?

can you fix a broken guitar headstock

Guitars have a habit of breaking, unfortunately. And it’s often the headstock that is the place where the break occurs. It may be because they’re the most fragile parts of the guitar or take the most impact when we inevitably drop them. Whatever it is headstocks get cracked, snapped and broken all the time. So …

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What is the Heel of a Guitar? (Neck Joint)

what is a guitar heel

It may not seem like that big of a deal but the heel of the guitar is very important. It supports the guitar, strengthens it and also plays a role in the tone. You may have paid little attention to the heel but it’s not just a random bit of wood. And all guitarists both …

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Parts of a Guitar: it’s Anatomy Explained

parts of a guitar

The guitar is a truly amazing instrument. But the parts of a guitar can be confusing. There are more than you might have first thought. And if you’re new to the guitar it can difficult learning which each part is and what they do. Which can be a hindrance. You’ll hear lots of terms and …

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Guitar Sustainers: Everything you Need to Know

guitar sustainers guide

Sustain is something a lot of guitarists love and want. In fact they want as much of it as they can get! But how do you get that sustain? With a guitar sustainer, obviously! Yes, there are systems you can get to give you unlimited sustain. You may have seen some of your favorite guitarists …

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