7 Ways to Play Electric Guitar Without an Amp

ways to play electric guitar without an amp

Wanting to play electric guitar without an amp is becoming popular. More and more guitarists, from bedroom players to famous bands, are finding different methods to play without an amp. Amps are great, don’t get me wrong. I love mine and have no desire to give them up or trade them in any time soon. …

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What is a Guitar Lick? A Simple Explanation

what is a guitar lick

When reading about the music you play on a guitar you might have come across the term ‘guitar lick’. It’s crops up a lot and you will read and hear other guitarists mentioning ‘licks’ all the time. But what is a guitar lick? Simply it’s a musical phrase consisting of a few notes that have …

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Do you Need Long Fingers to Play Guitar

do you need long fingers to play guitar

When you’re new to the guitar your hand and finger size/length is a real concern. As someone with very small hands and short fingers I was convinced it would mean I could never play well. So, do you need long fingers to play guitar? No, absolutely not. There are thousands of great guitarists with normal …

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Are Calluses Good for Guitar Playing?

are calluses good for guitar playing

You are probably familiar with guitar calluses – the thick pads of skin on your fingertips. But you may be wondering what it is about them that is so special and why calluses are good for playing the guitar. Every guitarist gets them and they are seen as essential for playing and playing well. But …

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How Long Does it Take to Build Guitar Calluses

how long does it take to build guitar calluses

Building guitar calluses is one of the most important parts of learning to play the guitar. It should happen fairly early in your journey. But if you’re not seeing the results you expect or finding the pain a lot take then keep reading. We’ll look at how long it takes to build guitar calluses on …

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How to Build Guitar Calluses for your Fingers

how to build guitar calluses

If you’re new to the guitar and just started playing you may have heard of calluses. They’re unavoidable and every guitarist has had to go through the process of developing them. It’s a pain (literally) but well worth putting the time and effort in. But if you aren’t sure how to build guitar calluses or …

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