Guitar Drop Tuning: A Simple Guide

guitar drop tuning guide

Drop tuning a guitar is fairly common. It’s a simple technique that can open up your playing and give you lots of varied options. Standard tuning is great, obviously. But it can be fun and interesting to try different tunings and expand your sound. You’ll find a lot of heavier styles of music like metal …

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How Long do Guitar Frets Last?

how long do guitar frets last

Guitar frets don’t last forever. Depending on how much you play they will get worn down and eventually need replacing. But it can help to know how long guitar frets last. You might want to plan for the future or see if you’re frets are wearing out faster than others. Well we’ll take a look …

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A Guide to Fret Wear: Causes, Preventions and Fixes

fret wear guide

Guitars, like most things in life, are susceptible to wear and tear. Even if you look after it like it’s your child (and let’s be honest – we do) if you play it regularly it’ll begin to show some signs of wear. The strings need changing, the finish gets chipped and dinged, the electronics can …

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Guitar Action Guide: How to Measure and Adjust Action

guitar action guide how to measure and adjust

‘Is my action too high?’ is one of the most common worries or questions regarding a guitar and it’s setup. If you’re concerned your guitar action is too high then you’re in the right place. We’re going to look at what the ideal action measurement is and what’s considered too high. And being worried about …

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Can you Fix a Broken Guitar Headstock?

can you fix a broken guitar headstock

Guitars have a habit of breaking, unfortunately. And it’s often the headstock that is the place where the break occurs. It may be because they’re the most fragile parts of the guitar or take the most impact when we inevitably drop them. Whatever it is headstocks get cracked, snapped and broken all the time. So …

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Can you Reuse Guitar Strings?

can you reuse guitar strings

You may have wondered whether you can reuse guitar strings. There are certain situations where it might make sense to reuse a string. Sometimes you have broken just one string and want to reuse another instead of buying a whole new set. Or you’ve accidentally strung the strings in the incorrect order and need to …

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