Are Mesa Boogie Amps Good? A Full Guide

mesa boogie amps guide are they good

Mesa Boogie amplifiers have an impressive history. From humble beginnings they have grown to be a huge name within the guitar world. Having quickly become known for their high gain and heavy sound their amps have been and are used by some of the biggest names in rock and metal. But are they just boutique …

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How to Turn on a Tube Amp the Right Way

how to turn on a tube amp

You just flick the switch to on, right? Thats how you turn on a tube amp. Very easy, now you can go play! If only. Things are never that simple. And tube amps, as awesome as they are, can be awkward and messy. Due to their design something as straightforward as turning an amp on …

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Guitar Tube Amps: The Ultimate Guide

tube amps guide

Tube amps are special. I know there’s a lot of debate around whether they’re worth it or better than other types of amps. But they’re held in such high regard by guitarists for a reason. And so if you’re not that familiar with tube amps and don’t understand the hype or what they do this …

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Guitar Amp Controls Explained: A Guide to the Basic Settings

guitar amplifier controls explained

Whether you’re a beginner, someone who hasn’t much experience or just bought a new one it’s normal to find guitar amplifier controls confusing. Getting familiar with what they do and how to use them can be tricky. Some amplifiers are straightforward and only have a few knobs. But many of them have a huge array …

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Scooping the Mids: What Does it Mean?

scooping the mids what does it mean

One of the most frustrating parts of learning the guitar is the amount of new language and terms you have to pick up. ‘Scooping the mids’ is one you may have come across and be confused by. And I can understand why. It sounds like something from a cookbook! “Take one scoop of mids, add …

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Guitar Amplifier Turns On But No Sound? Try These 13 Easy Fixes

guitar amplifier turns on but no sound try these 13 easy fixes

A guitar amplifier turning on but with no sound is a common problem. If you’ve been playing guitar for any length of time there’s a good chance you’ll have encountered this at some point. Unfortunately the reason for why an amp has stopped working can be varied. Quite often it’s something obvious and that’s easily …

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