Zero Fret Guide: What are They and Do You Need One?

guitar zero fret guide

The zero fret is a little bit of an enigma. In some cases reviled and hated, by others adored and considered a technological marvel that makes tuning stability and your tone much better. But they’re a bit odd. You tend to find them either installed in really cheap and poor guitars or the highest quality, …

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Guitar Drop Tuning: A Simple Guide

guitar drop tuning guide

Drop tuning a guitar is fairly common. It’s a simple technique that can open up your playing and give you lots of varied options. Standard tuning is great, obviously. But it can be fun and interesting to try different tunings and expand your sound. You’ll find a lot of heavier styles of music like metal …

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Guitar Relicing Explained: What is it and Why do it?

guitar relicing explained

You may have come across the phrase ‘relicing’ in relation to guitars and the way they look. It’s been growing steadily in popularity for a while now and lots of guitarists like that reliced look. If you’re not sure, relicing guitars is when you take a guitar and make it look worn, old and ‘vintage’. …

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7 Ways to Play Electric Guitar Without an Amp

ways to play electric guitar without an amp

Wanting to play electric guitar without an amp is becoming popular. More and more guitarists, from bedroom players to famous bands, are finding different methods to play without an amp. Amps are great, don’t get me wrong. I love mine and have no desire to give them up or trade them in any time soon. …

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How Long do Guitar Frets Last?

how long do guitar frets last

Guitar frets don’t last forever. Depending on how much you play they will get worn down and eventually need replacing. But it can help to know how long guitar frets last. You might want to plan for the future or see if you’re frets are wearing out faster than others. Well we’ll take a look …

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