Squier Guitars: Are They Good? Our Full Guide

squier guitars guide

Squier are probably the biggest entry level guitar brand. Owned by Fender, they account for so many first time guitars for beginners or those looking for an affordable but decent instrument. But are Squier guitars good? They are hugely popular with those looking to buy their first guitar and want a good entry point. And …

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Jaguar vs Mustang: The Differences and Which is Best

jaguar vs mustang the differences

The Fender Jaguar and Mustang are two of Fender’s most iconic guitars. Not as popular or instantly recognizable as a Stratocaster or Telecaster, they still have a rich history and have been played by some of the most famous guitarists. But you might not be as familiar with them as those more well known guitars. …

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Who Owns Fender Guitars and When Was it Founded?

who owns fender guitars

Fender are probably the biggest makers of guitars and amplifiers in the world. They are an enormous company with an amazing history. But what about that history – who owns Fender? Servco Pacific Inc bought the majority of shares in 2020 making them the owners of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. But over the years they …

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What is a Resonator Guitar: A Guide

what is a resonator guitar

There are many different types of guitars. From electric and acoustic to slide and baritone there is a huge variety. But what is a resonator guitar? Well it’s a type of acoustic guitar that is constructed to be much louder. In fact you can think of a resonator guitar as being like its own amplifier …

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What is a Guitar Lick? A Simple Explanation

what is a guitar lick

When reading about the music you play on a guitar you might have come across the term ‘guitar lick’. It’s crops up a lot and you will read and hear other guitarists mentioning ‘licks’ all the time. But what is a guitar lick? Simply it’s a musical phrase consisting of a few notes that have …

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