Squier Classic Vibe 60’s Stratocaster Review

squier classic vibe 60's stratocaster review

I’ve long talked about how good the Squier Classic Vibe series is. So it was about time I did a review of one of the models. So here it is: the Classic Vibe 60’s Stratocaster. For those who don’t know the Squier Classic Vibe series is Squiers most high end set of guitars. Still affordable …

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Guitar Scale Length Explained: A Simple Guide

guitar scale length explained

The scale length of a guitar refers to the vibrating length of the strings. It’s one of the most important factors affecting the feel, tone and how the guitar plays. Understanding guitar scale length is essential whether you’re a beginner buying your first guitar or an experienced player doing a setup. The distance between the …

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Squier Affinity vs Contemporary: The Differences Explained

Squier affinity vs squier contemporary

The Squier Affinity and Squier Contemporary series are two of Squier’s most popular guitar ranges. They offer good quality guitars for a reasonable price. But how do they compare in terms of build quality, sound and value for money? Having owned an Affinity Strat and tried some of the Contemporary’s I’ve got a good idea …

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New vs. Used Guitars: Which One Should You Buy?

new vs used guitars which to buy

Should you buy a used guitar? Or stick to a new one? You can get some great bargains buying used. Out of all the guitars I own my favorites were bought 2nd hand. But there’s no denying it’s more risky. There’s no safety net of a manufacturers warranty or being able to replace it if …

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Is Learning Guitar Hard? Yes! But Don’t Be Put Off

is learning guitar hard

Before deciding to learn guitar it’s good to know how hard it is. And the honest answer is yes, learning guitar is hard. It requires consistent practice, dedication and putting in a lot of hours. It may look easy when you see people play, even just basic strumming, but it really isn’t. I don’t say …

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