A Guide to Fret Wear: Causes, Preventions and Fixes

fret wear guide

Guitars, like most things in life, are susceptible to wear and tear. Even if you look after it like it’s your child (and let’s be honest – we do) if you play it regularly it’ll begin to show some signs of wear. The strings need changing, the finish gets chipped and dinged, the electronics can …

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The Top 20 Most Expensive Guitar Finishes

most expensive guitar finishes graph

When it comes to guitars looks really do matter. We might pretend it’s all about the sound, playability and how it feels but the reality is the finish of a guitar and whether we like the look of it is important. It also makes a difference to the price. Some finishes and colors are so …

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Guitar Action Guide: How to Measure and Adjust Action

guitar action guide how to measure and adjust

‘Is my action too high?’ is one of the most common worries or questions regarding a guitar and it’s setup. If you’re concerned your guitar action is too high then you’re in the right place. We’re going to look at what the ideal action measurement is and what’s considered too high. And being worried about …

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Squier Guitars: Are They Good? Our Full Guide

squier guitars guide

Squier are probably the biggest entry level guitar brand. Owned by Fender, they account for so many first time guitars for beginners or those looking for an affordable but decent instrument. But are Squier guitars good? They are hugely popular with those looking to buy their first guitar and want a good entry point. And …

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