Dean Guitars: Are They Good? A Full, In-Depth Guide

dean guitars guide

Dean are one of those guitar makers that don’t get a lot of recognition. While they’re often overlooked they actually have an impressive history. But are Dean guitars any good? Their guitars have been endorsed and used by some famous names and bands over the years. And they’ve managed to survive amongst the bigger brands. …

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Bass Guitar vs Electric Guitar: What are the Differences

bass guitar vs electric guitar

Bass guitar and electric guitar are both great instruments. They contribute so much to the sound and feel of many musical genres and styles. But you might be unsure of what the key differences are between the two guitars. Especially if you’re considering learning to play one. The way they look, are made, play and …

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Squier vs Epiphone: How They Compare and Which is Better

squier vs epiphone

Squier and Epiphone are two of the most popular entry level guitar brands. They cater for beginners with affordable guitars but also have models that appeal to intermediate players. Having owned guitars by both Squier and Epiphone and played many more I feel well placed to compare them. I’ll look at their history, how they …

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