What is a Guitar Lick? A Simple Explanation

what is a guitar lick

When reading about the music you play on a guitar you might have come across the term ‘guitar lick’. It’s crops up a lot and you will read and hear other guitarists mentioning ‘licks’ all the time. But what is a guitar lick? Simply it’s a musical phrase consisting of a few notes that have …

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Are Guitar Lessons Worth It? The Pro’s and Con’s

are guitar lessons worth it

If you’re new to playing the guitar or been self taught for a while you’ve probably considered getting a teacher or taking lessons. It can be overwhelming trying to teach yourself guitar. But are guitar lessons worth it? Well it depends on what you want to achieve and whether you can afford them. Overall though …

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Everything you Need to Play Electric Guitar: A Guide

what you need to play electric guitar

When thinking about taking up a musical instrument many people overlook everything that is involved. Some instruments you can just buy and get started straightaway. But others, like the electric guitar, require some extra accessories and bits and pieces before you can properly begin playing. So exactly what do you need for an electric guitar? …

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