Affiliate Disclosure

As Guitar Inside Out is supported by you – the reader – it’s important I make it clear how that works. This page will detail the policy towards reviews and the use of advertising.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the guides and articles I write will contain affiliate links within them. If you click on those links and then buy that product I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

It’s really as simple as that. For example you might click on a link that takes you to Amazon. When you do Amazon knows you came from Guitar Inside Out and then if you make a purchase of that product I receive a (very) small commission.

Don’t worry – it doesn’t affect you or the price you pay in any way. You pay exactly the same either way. It just goes a little way to help keep the site running.

I greatly appreciate anyone who does buy through the affiliate links and help in supporting Guitar Inside Out and keeping it going. I’m very grateful.


From time to time I will review gear and within many articles I will mention or recommend specific products. None of these reviews or recommendations are because I was paid to say something positive about them.

In fact I won’t and don’t accept any money to write reviews or plug something. What you read is entirely my own opinion and completely honest.

This website is hardly big enough to attract company’s trying to get me to review their products. But if they ever were to send me a product to review I would make it very clear I will be writing it without any input from them. It’s far more important to me to remain trustworthy in what I say and so that means honesty is essential.

And I am not just recommending products that I know have affiliate links I can make money from. I will recommend gear that isn’t even available if I think it’s right. As an example I spoke at length about how much I loved my Fender TC90, a guitar which you can’t even buy anymore. So hardly something I could profit from.

The reality is you’re far more likely to talk about and recommend gear you like. I could write a review about how awful my Line 6 Spider III was, or the terrible Frontman 10 I had as my first amp, but it feels like a waste of time. I can only imagine you, who’s reading this, is far more interested in knowing what to buy rather than what not to buy.


You’ve probably noticed the ads on the site. I know they’re a bit of an annoyance and so I appreciate you for enduring them!

I like to think we become a bit ‘ad blind’ after using the internet for a while. So you’re barely aware they’re actually there as you scroll.

Unfortunately they’re a necessity though. It takes a lot of time and effort to write and produce the guides and content on here. The ads are what allow me to do so.

I hope you understand and that they don’t ruin or interfere with you being able to


If there’s anything you want to discuss about advertising or the affiliate links then head over to the contact page to get in touch with me.

If you’re a guitar, amp or pedal company and want me to review anything then you can also get in contact (but please make sure you’ve read the section here about reviews)