Electric Guitar Body Shapes: Every Type Explained

electric guitar body shapes

The body shape of an electric guitar is important. It affects the size, weight and comfort when you play it. There is also the visual appeal, which while less important than how it plays, still matters. So let’s take a look at each of the different electric guitar body shapes and sizes. I went through …

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How Many Guitars do you REALLY Need? And How Many is too Many?

how many guitars do you need

If there’s one thing pretty much every guitarists wants it’s more guitars. Buying and owning guitars is so addictive there’s even a (joke) condition about it: GAS – Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. But whilst that might be a bit of fun there is a serious question behind it – how many guitars do you really need? …

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Zero Fret Guide: What are They and Do You Need One?

guitar zero fret guide

The zero fret is a little bit of an enigma. In some cases reviled and hated, by others adored and considered a technological marvel that makes tuning stability and your tone much better. But they’re a bit odd. You tend to find them either installed in really cheap and poor guitars or the highest quality, …

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Guitar Relicing Explained: What is it and Why do it?

guitar relicing explained

You may have come across the phrase ‘relicing’ in relation to guitars and the way they look. It’s been growing steadily in popularity for a while now and lots of guitarists like that reliced look. If you’re not sure, relicing guitars is when you take a guitar and make it look worn, old and ‘vintage’. …

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A Guide to Fret Wear: Causes, Preventions and Fixes

fret wear guide

Guitars, like most things in life, are susceptible to wear and tear. Even if you look after it like it’s your child (and let’s be honest – we do) if you play it regularly it’ll begin to show some signs of wear. The strings need changing, the finish gets chipped and dinged, the electronics can …

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