Squier vs Epiphone: How They Compare and Which is Better

squier vs epiphone

Squier and Epiphone are two of the most popular entry level guitar brands. They cater for beginners with affordable guitars but also have models that appeal to intermediate players. Having owned guitars by both Squier and Epiphone and played many more I feel well placed to compare them. I’ll look at their history, how they …

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Types of Guitar Bridges: A Comprehensive Guide

types of guitar bridges

The guitar bridge is more important than you might first think. It’s play a major role in how a guitar sounds, it’s tuning, intonation, sustain and general playability. But with so many different types of guitar bridges available it can be difficult to know what they do and which is right for you. From classic …

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Epiphone Sheraton vs ES-335 Guitar: A Guide

epiphone sheraton vs 335

The Epiphone Sheraton and ES-335 are two of Epiphones most popular semi-hollow body electric guitars. They’re fantastic entry points to get that vintage feel without having to break the bank for a fully fledged Gibson 335 or 355. But what are the differences between the Sheraton and ES-335 and which is right for you? I’ve …

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