Guitars ยป How Much Does a Fender Stratocaster Weigh (All Models)

How Much Does a Fender Stratocaster Weigh (All Models)

The weight of a guitar is important. It is big part of how the guitar feels and how comfortable it is to play. So how much does a Fender Stratocaster weigh? The average Fender Stratocaster weighs 7 – 8lbs, or 3 – 3.8kg.

how much does a fender stratocaster weigh

But if you want the specific weight of a certain type or each of the Stratocaster models then keep reading.

How Much Does a Fender Stratocaster Weigh?

Getting a definitive weight for any type or model of a guitar is impossible. Why?

Because the wood which they are made from was once a living organism that was affected by many different factors. It’s mass and the make up of it is completely unique.

So every guitar is different. Which means every Stratocaster, even two identical looking Player or Vintera Strats, will be unique and a different weight.

But we can take averages and get a good idea of the rough area each type of Strat is going to weigh.

Fender Stratocaster Weight by Model

The table below shows the different models of each Stratocaster and the weight of them. The weights are taken from listings on Sweetwaters website with the lowest and highest weights selected to demonstrate the variations. This should give a rough idea of which each model weighs.

Remember that every guitars weight varies. No guitar is the same and so each guitar will be slightly different in weight.

Model Weight
Player Series 7lbs 10oz to 8lbs
American Original Series 7lbs 14oz to 8lbs 1oz
Vintera Series 7lbs 9oz to 8lbs 6oz
American Professional II Series 7lbs 13oz to 8lbs 1oz
American Ultra Series 7lbs 15oz to 8lbs 5oz
American Artist Series 7lbs 10oz to 8lbs 6oz
Player Plus Series 7lbs 15oz to 8lbs 14oz
Performer Series 7lbs 7oz to 7lbs 15oz

Player Series

The Fender Player Stratocaster weighs from 7lbs 10oz to 8lbs

fender player stratocaster weight

American Original Series

The Fender American Original Stratocaster weighs from 7lbs 14oz to 8lbs 1oz

fender american original stratocaster weight

Vintera Series

The Fender Vintera Stratocaster weighs from 7lbs 9oz to 8lbs 6oz

fender vintera stratocaster weight

American Professional II Series

The Fender American Professional II Stratocaster weighs from 7lbs 13oz to 8lbs 1oz

fender american professional ii stratocaster weight

American Ultra Series

The Fender American Ultra Series Stratocaster weighs from 7lbs 15oz to 8lbs 5oz

fender american ultra stratocaster weight

American Artist Series

The Fender Artist Series Stratocaster weighs from 7lbs 10oz to 8lbs 6oz

fender artist stratocaster weight

Player Plus Series

The Fender Player Plus Stratocaster weighs from 7lbs 15oz to 8lbs 14oz

fender player plus stratocaster weight

Performer Series

The Fender Performer Stratocaster weighs from 7lbs 7oz to 7lbs 15oz

fender performer stratocaster weight

As you can see all the current Strat models weigh around 7 – 8lbs. There is very little difference across the series.

Fender Stratocaster Weight Vs Gibson Les Paul

Les Paul’s are noted for being heavier than most other electric guitars. Compared to the Stratocaster’s 7-8lbs a Gibson Les Paul will weigh 9-12lbs.

stratocaster vs les paul weight

Fender Stratocaster Weight Vs PRS

PRS guitars tend to be slightly heavier than Stratocasters. The average for a PRS is around 9lbs in comparison to the Strats 7-8lbs.

stratocaster vs prs weight

What Affects the Weight of a Stratocaster


The body of a guitar and the wood it’s made from has a huge impact on its weight. Different types of woods are denser and so heavier than others.

For example a rosewood body will be much heavier than alder or swamp ash.


Much like the body of the guitar, the neck and the wood it’s made from will contribute to the guitars overall weight. Maple is by far and away the most common wood used in Stratocasters but you can get other woods like Pau Ferro which tend to be a little lighter.


Tuners, bridges etc. all add weight. So the heavier they are the heavier the guitar as a whole.

Locking tuners or a Floyd Rose bridge will make any guitar that little bit heavier when compared to a standard bridge and tuners.

Does Weight Impact Tone?

Sort of. For a long time it was the overwhelming opinion that heavier guitars had greater sustain and more resonance.

But this is more to do with the woods used and how thick the body is of the guitar. Not just the fact that it was heavier.

But there does seem to be a direct correlation between a denser and thicker wood and a more full sound.


So now you know that a Fender Stratocaster weighs between 7-8lbs across all of the different models. While there may be the odd outlier that doesn’t fit the trend most Strats will be in that weight range.

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