Do You Need an Amp Cover?

For a very long time I wondered whether I needed an amp cover. Living in a fairly dusty house I was worried my amps were destined to be ruined by it and one day wouldn’t turn on. That’s without the fear of scratching, staining or spilling something on them. Even though months went by and …

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow Guitar Chords

somewhere over the rainbow guitar chords

Want to learn how to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow on guitar? You’re in luck – it’s loads of fun to play and very easy! So if you are hoping to cheer someone up with a rendition of it or just enjoy playing what is a lovely song then keep reading. It works surprisingly well …

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Line 6 Amps Guide: Are they Good?

line 6 amps are they good

Line 6 have become one of the most successful musical instrument and audio companies out there. If you’ve been playing the guitar for even a short time you’ll no doubt be somewhat familiar with Line 6. Their Spider range of guitar amps is hugely popular and one of the biggest selling amplifiers on the market. …

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What is a Pickguard on a Guitar: A Guide

what is a pickguard on a guitar

You may have noticed that guitars have colored bits of plastic attached to their bodies. They tend to be below the strings and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are pickguards. And they are designed to do as their name says: guard the guitar from picks. When you strum with a …

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What is a Guitar Bridge? A Simple Guide

what is a guitar bridge

Guitar bridges are often talked about as being really important to how a guitar works and sounds. But what is a guitar bridge? You might be able to identify one but do you know exactly what it does? Or why? If not then you’re probably interested to know more about the bridge on a guitar. …

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Can you Fix a Broken Guitar Headstock?

can you fix a broken guitar headstock

Guitars have a habit of breaking, unfortunately. And it’s often the headstock that is the place where the break occurs. It may be because they’re the most fragile parts of the guitar or take the most impact when we inevitably drop them. Whatever it is headstocks get cracked, snapped and broken all the time. So …

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