New vs. Used Guitars: Which One Should You Buy?

new vs used guitars which to buy

Should you buy a used guitar? Or stick to a new one? You can get some great bargains buying used. Out of all the guitars I own my favorites were bought 2nd hand. But there’s no denying it’s more risky. There’s no safety net of a manufacturers warranty or being able to replace it if …

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Alvarez Unveils New Masterworks Series for 2024

alvarez new masterworks series 2024

Alvarez Guitars has unveiled an extensive revamp of their flagship Masterworks series acoustic guitar line for 2024. The legendary guitar maker will add several new model variations and introduce major upgrades aimed at enhancing sound, playability and aesthetics across the range. The 2024 Masterworks series will be comprised of 26 total models, representing a significant …

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Is Learning Guitar Hard? Yes! But Don’t Be Put Off

is learning guitar hard

Before deciding to learn guitar it’s good to know how hard it is. And the honest answer is yes, learning guitar is hard. It requires consistent practice, dedication and putting in a lot of hours. It may look easy when you see people play, even just basic strumming, but it really isn’t. I don’t say …

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Are Mesa Boogie Amps Good? A Full Guide

mesa boogie amps guide are they good

Mesa Boogie amplifiers have an impressive history. From humble beginnings they have grown to be a huge name within the guitar world. Having quickly become known for their high gain and heavy sound their amps have been and are used by some of the biggest names in rock and metal. But are they just boutique …

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Dean Guitars: Are They Good? A Full, In-Depth Guide

dean guitars guide

Dean are one of those guitar makers that don’t get a lot of recognition. While they’re often overlooked they actually have an impressive history. But are Dean guitars any good? Their guitars have been endorsed and used by some famous names and bands over the years. And they’ve managed to survive amongst the bigger brands. …

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