News ยป Martin at 190: Legendary Guitar Maker Unveils Special Anniversary Model

Martin at 190: Legendary Guitar Maker Unveils Special Anniversary Model

Martin Guitar, the iconic American acoustic guitar manufacturer, has just marked a major milestone – 190 years in business. To celebrate this impressive achievement, the company has announced the release of a special anniversary model guitar, the D-19 190th Anniversary.

martin d19 190th anniversary guitar

Martin Guitar was founded in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin, who had emigrated from Germany to New York City. The company started as a small workshop located at 196 Hudson Street in lower Manhattan. Nearly two centuries later, Martin has become one of the most renowned and respected guitar brands worldwide.

The limited edition D-19 190th Anniversary model pays tribute to Martin’s rich history while also embracing modern design. Only 190 of these instruments will be produced. According to Chris Martin IV, Executive Chairman, the D-19 model designation was originally used in 1976 for the United States bicentennial.

“I thought it would be appropriate to dust off that model designation and make 190 contemporary D-19s to honor our 190th anniversary,” said Martin.

The D-19 190th Anniversary features a striking cherry sunburst finish on the top, back and sides. The top is made from Adirondack spruce wood that has been printed to achieve a highly figured look resembling mahogany. Inlays on the ebony fingerboard and headstock commemorate the anniversary date.

Martin states that the cosmetically imperfect spruce wood used for the tops of these guitars represents a commitment to sustainability. The company has chosen to give new life to these tonewoods rather than discard them.

The brand hosted a special commemorative event on November 6th at the original Martin workshop location in New York City. The site at Hudson and Vestry streets now bears a plaque memorializing the founding of America’s first and oldest guitar company.

Executives spoke about Martin’s past and future at the historic location. Chris Martin IV emphasized Martin’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and the power of music to connect people. A celebratory dinner followed nearby.

Martin Guitar has been an integral part of music history, used by countless musicians across all genres. From country stars like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson to folk legends like Woody Guthrie and Joan Baez to rock icons like Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and David Gilmour, Martin’s rich legacy lives on.

With the release of the special 190th anniversary model, C.F. Martin & Co. celebrates its heritage while continuing to innovate. As Chris Martin IV stated, the company looks forward to the next two hundred years of acoustic excellence. This new guitar represents the past and future colliding to create something truly remarkable.

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