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The Top 20 Most Expensive Guitar Finishes

When it comes to guitars looks really do matter. We might pretend it’s all about the sound, playability and how it feels but the reality is the finish of a guitar and whether we like the look of it is important.

It also makes a difference to the price. Some finishes and colors are so desirable they are more expensive. Some are released as limited editions.

But which guitar finish is the most expensive?

Well there’s a handy bit of data to help us out from Reverb. A Reddit user compiled the most common finishes and how expensive they were. Check out the graph below:

Most Expensive Guitar Finishes

most expensive guitar finishes graph

So as we can see Blonde is by far and away the most expensive. More than likely blonde is popular in lots of Fender Custom Shops or the vintage blonde Telecasters. Which is making it so pricey.

It also looks like the brighter colors are generally cheaper. Whether that is because they look a little more toy-like and so the more affordable ranges and series use them. Maybe?

Sunburst and similar finishes are often more expensive than solid finishes, so that explains why they’re so high up.

But if you’re thinking about buying a new or used guitar and want to save some money then think about the color. You can find a cheaper version of the same guitar if you go for a less popular or expensive finish.

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