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Somewhere Over the Rainbow Guitar Chords

Want to learn how to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow on guitar? You’re in luck – it’s loads of fun to play and very easy!

So if you are hoping to cheer someone up with a rendition of it or just enjoy playing what is a lovely song then keep reading.

somewhere over the rainbow guitar chords

It works surprisingly well on both acoustic and electric guitar. So let’s not mess about and get into it.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Chords

To play it you will need a capo on the 5th fret.

The chords are as follows:

  • G
  • D
  • Em
  • C
  • Em7
  • B7

G Chord

G chord diagram

D Chord

D chord diagram

Em Chord

Em chord diagram

C Chord

C chord diagram

Em7 Chord

Em7 chord diagram

B7 Chord

b7 chord diagram

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Chords and Lyrics


[G] Ooo, [D] ooo, [C] ooo, [G] ooo

[C] Ooo, [B7] ooo, [Em] ooo, [C] ooo


[G] Somewhere [D] over the rainbow,
[C] Way up [G] high
[C] There’s [G] a land that I heard of,
[D] Once in a [Em] lullaby [C]
Oh, [G] somewhere over [D] the rainbow
[C] Skies are [G] blue
[C] And the [G] dreams that you dare to dream
[D] Really do come [Em] true [C]


[G] Someday I’ll wish upon a star
[D] Wake up where the clouds are far [Em] behind [C] me
Where [G] trouble melts like lemon drops
[D] High above the chimney tops
That’s [Em] where you’ll [C] find me


Oh, [G] somewhere [D] over the rainbow
[C] Blue birds [G] fly
[C] Birds fly [G] over the rainbow
[D] Why then, oh why [Em] can’t I [C]


[G] Someday I’ll wish upon a star
[D] Wake up where the clouds are far [Em] behind [C] me
Where [G] trouble melts like lemon drops
[D] High above the chimney tops
That’s [Em] where you’ll [C] find me


Ohh, [G] somewhere [D] over the rainbow
[C] Way up [G] high
[C] And the [G] dream that you dare to
[D] Why oh why can’t [Em] I [C]


[G] Oooo, [D] oooo, [C] oooo, [G] oooo
[C] Oooo, [B7] oooo, [Em] oooo, [C] oooh [G]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Strumming Pattern

The strumming pattern is also very simple:

Strumming Pattern: D-D-U-D-U (repeated throughout)

So down, down, up, down, up.

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

This video gives a better example of it:

And that’s really all there is to it. You should now feel comfortable playing along with this very sweet and beautiful song.

somewhere over the rainbow chords chart

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  1. I’m a 72 year old guy that decided to learn to play a guitar when Covid hit. I spent 22 years in the Midwest working on drilling and workover rigs. After retiring when I turned fifty, because that’s when guys start keeling over if they don’t quit I returned to Brevard County Florida where I grew up. Missing Liberal Ks where I lived during my oilfield career, I am determined to learn Over The Rainbow well enough to be confident enough to play in front of the kids and my ex. My wife use to be married to a man that played bass guitar in a band and she will love whatever I do. Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. My name is Doug, and I have played and sung “Somewhere over the Rainbow” many times for many occasions…weddings, comforting someone who has just endured a tragedy…I ride bicycles and motorcycles and find that singing while I am riding helps me focus…the lyrics are easy to remember and I treasure the positive message….Don’t give up, it’s certain to get better….on a different note, my brother (his name was Don) lost his life in a motorcycle accident at a young age…he was riding his motorcycle home from Liberal, Kansas….we lived in Manter, but he got a job working in the oilfield and insisted on riding that bike both directions every day….it gave him pleasure…and gave me great memories. My wish is for you all to have a lifetime of rainbows…and no rain.
    Cheers from Doug, the Cowboymusician!

  3. thanks for sharing .. you made it real easy for an old guy to learn this song. Over The Rainbow. sang it at open mike 40 years ago my brother in law cried.
    Im 73 years old and just beginning to figure it out. Some cords are tuff , so making the same cord a different way makes it a lot easier for me B7th is a tuff one,
    thanks again,


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