Peavey Amps Guide: Are they Good and What for?

peavey amps guide are they good

Peavey amps are fairly well established, especially for the heavier styles of music. You’ll see a lot of metal and rock bands using a range of Peavey amps live and in the studio for recording. But how good are they, really? Do Peavey amps deserve their popularity? And if so what’s makes them so popular, …

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The 8 Best Orange Amps you can Buy Now

best orange amps you can buy right now

Orange amps are some of the most popular guitar amps on the market. That’s because they sound great, are simple to use and make a great choice for all different skill levels and needs. But which is the best Orange amp? Everything is of course subjective and what you like or the sound you’re looking …

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Orange Amps Guide: Are they Good and What for?

orange amps guide are they good

Orange amplifiers are amongst the biggest guitar amplifier brands on the planet. They make some of the most famous and widely used amps for both beginners through to very famous, professional musicians. But how good are they really? What makes orange amps so popular and why? Let’s take a look at the history of orange …

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